Two interesting articles about dinosaurs

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Two interesting articles about dinosaurs

Post by Skepti Que » Sun Mar 27, 2005 11:41 pm

If you haven't heard about it here are the opening paragraphs to and a link to the rest of an article about the discovery of soft tissue remains in a dinosaur skeleton.


WASHINGTON - A 70-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex fossil dug out of a hunk of sandstone has yielded soft tissue, including blood vessels and perhaps even whole cells, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.

Paleontologists forced to break the creature's massive thighbone to get it on a helicopter found not a solid piece of fossilized bone, but instead something looking a bit less like a rock.

When they got it into a lab and chemically removed the hard minerals, they found what looked like blood vessels, bone cells and perhaps even blood cells. Dinosaur soft tissue

And in that article is a link to this article. I have copied the first paragraph and the direct link to the story about the removal of dinosaur skeletons in order to remodel the museum.

PITTSBURGH - What could be better than seeing the first tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered? Watching it being taken apart. Visitors to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which has one of the oldest and largest dinosaur collections in the nation, will be able to watch as the museum's collection of fossilized dinosaur skeletons are taken apart before a renovation of the museum's almost century-old Dinosaur Hall.

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