Was the Creation Process Revealed in Six (or Seven) Days?

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Was the Creation Process Revealed in Six (or Seven) Days?

Post by Skepti Que » Sun May 22, 2005 7:48 pm

Here are the preliminary editor's notes with several links that provide a balance. Here is the lead paragraph to an interesting article about the revelation of creation to Moses and maybe the Israelites early in the wilderness experience. Maybe there are some Old Testament scholars or some Hebrew language authorities that can weigh in here. Doc, do you know some?

The link to the remainder of the article is at the bottom
Anyway I hope you find this article as interesting as I do.

I'm sorry, only one of the links works from this message if you click on the link below and then follow the same links from that page they all work.


The Seven Days of Revelation Theory

by Steven L. Ross

Editor's Note: A number of explanations have been proposed over the centuries for the ``days'' described in Genesis 1-2 ( Apparently dead link removed). The following article, excerpted from Steven L. Ross's book Genesis Said It First (second edition, 1991) describes one such explanation. Like the ``gap theory'' models that were discussed in Issue 1 of Grace and Knowledge, this is an ``old earth'' model that still understands the days of Genesis 1-2 as literal twenty-four hour days. A similar model is presented in Creation Revealed in Six Days by P.J. Wiseman (Marshall, Morgan, and Scott, Ltd., 1948), which can be viewed at (Dead Likn Removed) Critiques of Wiseman's model appear at (Dead links remove. They do, however work from the article at least last I checked. follow the link at the bottom of this page for the other links)

The Seven Days of Revelation theory, also called the ``Six Day Revelation about Creation'' theory, varies the Day-Age approach. Basically, it views the seven days of Genesis 1 not as seven days of creation, but rather as seven successive 24 hour days of revelation to Moses about God's acts of creation. It views the phrase at the end of each section of the creation story, that says, ``...and the evening, and the morning were the day,'' as a scribal note recording on what time of which day God gave each revelation.


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