Speaking Schedule, 2005

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Speaking Schedule, 2005

Post by Dr. John Nay » Tue Mar 22, 2005 9:45 am


Preach - Sonrise Service, Prescott Valley Christian Church, AZ (Mar 27,'05)
Mini Seminar - The Heights Church, Prescott, Arizona (Apr 3 & 10, '05)
Seminar - Ponca City, Oklahoma (April 24-27, '05)
Seminar - Ledaire Christian Church, St. Louis, Missouri (May 1-4, ?05)
Seminar - Russell Christian Church, Russell, Kentucky (May 8-11, ?05)
Seminar - Church of the Desert, Tucson, Arizona (June 11-12, '05)
Seminar - Northglenn Christian Church, Colorado (Sep 11-14,'05)
Seminar - Platte Valley Bible College, Scottsbluff, Nebraska (Sep 9-13, ?05)
Seminar - Church of Christ, Greeley, Colorado (Sep 25-28, '05)
Seminar - Palmer Church of Christ, Palmer, Alaska (Oct 9-12, ?05)
Seminar - Llo-Llo, Philippines (April 2006)
Speak - Philippine National Convention (April 2006)

I'm in the process of putting my information into audio CD format. Completed thus far:

Basic Weapons Training (1 CD)
Creation Week Commentary (2 CD?s)
Age of Earth & Length of Creation Days (1 CD)
Oxymorn & Citrus Fruit Piercing Device (1 CD)
Dinosaurs & Fossils (1 CD)
Teleology & Natrual Selection (1 CD)

I've had the opportunity to speak on creation science twice at a public school in my area and have been asked to come back.

I now lead a Sunday evening Bible study group and have had the opportunity to speak to the youth of my home church a dozen or so times on creation science.

I am in the process of finding someone to take over the site as webmaster.

Thank you for your interest and discussion on this very important subject.

Yours in Jesus,

John : )

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